Jam Guitar Loops, Volume 1,

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Jam Guitar Loops, Volume 1,

Creative Sounds
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Jam Guitar, Volume 1 is a groove-heavy guitar loop pack in the style of bands like Phish and the Grateful Dead, as well as pulling in influences from funk, jazz, and blues.

This loop pack was recording using a D'Angelico Deluxe Atlantic guitar, which has an outstanding warm tone that's so characteristic of jam music.

Jam Guitar, Volume 1 includes 252 CD-Quality guitar loops in the following keys/tempos:

A / 90 BPM

C / 90 BPM

D / 67 BPM

D / 100 BPM

Dm / 114 BPM

E / 104 BPM

File type: WAV

Includes both Wet (with effects) and Dry (with no effects) files for each loop!

Purchase Jam Guitar, Volume 1 today and quickly download a Zip file of the 249 loop files for use in your favorite Digital Audio Workstation.

Check out a sample of some of the loops included with this pack below (the drum tracks are included in the samples for reference only, and are not included in the pack. Each of the below tracks contains numerous loops played back-to-back. The downloadable file of course containers each individual loop as their own file):


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44.1 kHz
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